Dangerous Liaisons

Original Title: 危险关系
Directed by: Hur Jin-ho
Written by: Yan Geling, Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (Novel)
Cinematography: Kim Byeong-seo
Music by: Jo Seong-woo
Country: China, South Korea, Singapore
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Duration: 110 min
Release Dates: 24 May 2012 (Cannes), 10 Sept. (TIFF), 27 Sept. (China)
Filming Dates: 27 September 2011 – December 2011
Filming Locations: China (Beijing, Shanghai)

Set in Shanghai, China in 1939. Madam Mo Jieyu has wealth and power, but she doesn’t have love. Wealthy playboy Xie Yifan pursues Madam Mo Jieyu among many other ladies. At a party, Madam Mo Jieyu notices Xie Yifan eyeing widow Madam Du Fenyu. Madam Mo Jieyu then challenges playboy Xie Yifan to a high stake bet. If Xie Yifan can seduce Madam Du Fenyu, then he can also have Madam Mo Jieyu. If he is unable to seduce Madam Du Fenyu then a waterfront property owned by Xie Yifan will belong to Madam Mo Jieyu. The game begin. -Asianwiki


Zhang Ziyi
Du Fenyu

Jang Dong-gun
Xie Yifan

Cecilia Cheung
Mo Jieyu

Shawn Dou
Dai Wenzhou

Lisa Lu
Du Ruixue

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• The movie is based on the French novel “Les Liaisons dangereuses ” (“The Dangerous Liaisons”) by Choderlos de Laclos, first published in March 23, 1782.
• The Film was selected for Cannes’s Director Forthnight. Ziyi didn’t attend the premiere at Cannes. she was doing reshoots for The Grandmaster.
• The film was screened at Toronto Film Festival in the Gala presentations for it’s North American premiere.
• Dangerous Liaisons was invited to be the opening film during the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea.

Awards and Nominations
Ceremony Category Recipient Result
2013 First Youth Film Festival Best Actress Zhang Ziyi Nominated